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Chimaera Consulting Limited is pleased to offer you easy access to the Amazon.co.uk on-line book shop.  Links on our site will take you to the relevant page of the Amazon catalogue, where you can read more about your selected book, and purchase it if you wish.  Prices at Amazon are generally cheaper than on the high street, even allowing for postage and packing, and you can save pounds on the more expensive management books.  


Ordering is easy using the Amazon secure server, and most books are delivered within a couple of days.  If you find a book you want, it's often quicker to order it there and then from your PC, rather than waiting until you have time to visit a quality bookshop that carries a good stock of business titles.  What's more, many business books are first published in the US, and if you don't want to wait for the European edition, you can buy the US edition just as easily at Amazon.co.uk - often at the lower US price!


They say that e-commerce is growing at a phenomenal pace, and this is a good example of how it can make all our lives easier.  The Amazon.co.uk service isn't restricted to business books, of course, and you'll see that you can purchase a vast range of titles, as well as CD's.


If you want to browse the Amazon.co.uk site, rather than linking to a specific title, these links will take you direct to some of the common business book categories:

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But enough of the hype.  Chimaera Consulting and Amazon are completely independent organisations, and any questions about your orders should be directed to Amazon.co.uk.  The following statement is provided by Amazon.co.uk.

Amazon.co.uk is pleased to have Chimaera Consulting in the Amazon.co.uk Associates Programme. We’ve agreed to dispatch items and provide customer service for orders we receive through the links on the Chimaera Consulting web site.

Amazon.co.uk Associates feature selected products in an editorial context that help you make the right choice. We encourage you to visit the Chimaera Consulting web site regularly to see the new titles they are recommending.

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P.S. We guarantee you the same high level of customer service you would receive at Amazon.co.uk. If you have a question about an order you’ve placed, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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