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Chimaera Consulting Limited was established in 1999 to provide consulting and training services in people development.  Based in the Thames Valley, we're well-placed to access clients across the UK as well as overseas.  

Our core business is in helping managers to become effective in getting results through others.  Lots of companies offer that of course, and we don't claim to have a magic cure-all that others can't provide.  However, what we do give our clients are credibility, practicality and quality.  The methods we use bring results, they're based on first-hand experience, and they're tailored to suit the client's needs.  We don't run off-the-shelf or public programmes, but provide solutions with a style and content to suit our clients' needs.  Our products work because of our versatility, and because everything we do is based on practical solutions that deliver results.

At Chimaera Consulting Limited, pretty well anything is possible, but here are some of the training programmes and other services we have ready to go right now.

Chimaera Consulting Limited (pronounced "Kime-eera") owes its name to a number of inspirations, some more prosaic than others!

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