Here are some other sites that are well-worth visiting for more information on effective management and organisations.  We aren't associated with any organisations listed here, nor do we make any recommendations about the quality of the services they provide.  There are five different sections on this page:  click on the link below to jump to that section.

General Management Training & Development  Business Resources General Resources ... and finally

If you find a useful link here that's new to you, please send us in return a good one you think we've missed - fair exchange is no robbery.

General management 

Harvard Business School Publications

They're famous for their journal, the Harvard Business Review, but HBS is publishing more management books nowadays, many of which have turned into classics.  On this site you can view summaries of past editions of the Review, and search their publications library.

The Antidote

This management journal is fairly new, but aims to provide pithy reviews and articles on current management issues.  You need to buy the journal to get the full text, but the site gives enough of a summary for you to know what each article contains.

Institute of Management

The site concentrates mainly on the Institute's commercial training services, but contains some other nuggets of interest from time to time.  Worth an occasional visit.

Development Dimensions International

DDI is a commercial training and development provider, but we include them here because their site publishes research they've commissioned about work and organisations which makes interesting reading.  The content changes regularly, so it's an interesting site to visit from time to time.


Training & development sites

The Training Zone

Tim Pickles has created an excellent resource on all aspects of training, as part of a general HR site. Lots of useful links, training resources, on-line workshops and links.  Frequently updated, and with a growing band of contributors. Well worth a visit, well worth becoming a subscriber (for free!)

Institute for Personnel & Development

The IPD is the UK professional body for HR and Development people.  The meat of the site requires Institute membership, but there are some good general information pages for everyone.  And of course they'll tell you all about the growing catalogue of IPD publications that you can buy.

This is a site co-run by the Peter Honey organisation, offering articles and reference sections about Learning.  They have a number of leading T&D writers on the team, so the articles are readable and authoritative.  The site is updated with new articles regularly - you can become an e-mail subscriber if you wish.  The buzz-word reference section is also particularly useful.

American Society for Training & Development

A massive site with loads of useful content for Training & Development people.  The ASTD is well-respected internationally for its publications and its thinking.  Closest US equivalent to the IPD.

Association for Management Education and Development
and  Management Links

AMED is a UK-based membership organisation that aims to spread knowledge on Management matters.  It's a useful network for development specialists, but isn't really for the generalist.  Access to the site is all unrestricted, but it's worth becoming a member if you start to attend their events.  Their sister site, Management Links, is a good place to start searching the web for HRD sites.

Management Centre Europe

MCE are best known for their range of general management training courses, but on their website you'll find some useful reference material and links on a range of management topics.  They've now switched their newsletter from print to e-mail, so you can subscribe if you want.  This isn't a site to visit frequently, but if you're searching for information on a specific management topic, it's worth stopping by.

Management Skills & Development Magazine

You seem to able to get most of the magazine content on the web now, which is useful since they started charging a subscription for the magazine itself.  Contains lots of short articles about current issues, although they're often advertorials really.

The Journal of Management Development

The site gives you flavour of the Journal's content, but they obviously want you to buy a copy to get the real thing.  You need to be an existing subscriber to get any real value from the site.


Useful business resources

The Biz

A search engine and directory that specialises in business resources.  If you're searching for specialist suppliers for a wide range of services, this is a good place to start.

Free Pint

Now that all the "sensible" web domain names have gone, we're seeing lots of new sites with frivolous names: but don't be deceived into thinking they're not useful.  Free Pint produces a fortnightly newsletter of tips on how to get better use of the web - or as they say "helping you use the web for your work".  Each issue looks at a specific subject, telling you the good sites to visit, as well as more general web-user tips and tricks.  You may think you know all about how to use the Internet, but we reckon you'll learn something new at this free site.

Business Information

A couple of good US-based sites to visit if you're looking for detailed information on a business or industry. tracks a wide range of news sources, business and trade journals, and offers free access (although you have to subscribe) to most of them.  Other information is pay-per-view. does much the same thing, but extends to include business intelligence and governmental sources, so you tend to get more detail.  However, it's nearly all pay-per-view.  Both are useful if you want to find out about a particular company (as a prospective client or employer, for example) or if you're looking for industry intelligence and trends.


Useful general resources

UK Multimap

There are several good mapping sites on the web now, but this seems to be the easiest to use and the most comprehensive.  Enter a postcode or placename and it'll give you a detailed location map, including street names for most UK towns.  You can zoom in or out to get the scale you want, and e-mail a link instantly to visitors, who can then view or print off a map without you having to send one.

Online Weather

Yes the Brits are obsessed with the weather, but we get so much of it!  This is an easy-to-navigate site giving current and four-days forecasts for all UK regions and specific towns.  They're a good guide, but no forecast is completely accurate: the amount of rain you receive can go up as well as down!

Universal Currency Converter

Enter an amount, and the currencies you want to convert from and to, to get an instant, up-to-date conversion: they claim to cover every currency in the world.  They have lots of other currency utilities too, such as historical currency data - useful if you're late in submitting expenses claims!

Time Zone Converter

You enter a time (either now or any value you want) and this site tells you the equivalent time in your selected location.  Copes with seasonal time changes around the world.  For places you're not used to dealing with, it helps to know for sure what the time difference is, especially with business contacts.

Alta-vista Translator

Known also as the "Babel Fish" (read the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy if you want to know why!), this site will translate text that you enter between most common languages.  You can also link it to a foreign-language site and it'll translate it for you.  The conversion is not perfect because of the ambiguities in most languages, so it's best if you have a rough understanding of the language you're translating to or from.  But it's useful if you want to know the right vocabulary or form of expression in another tongue.

Webster's Dictionary

Instant, free access to one of the world's most comprehensive dictionaries.  Enter a word and it'll give you the meaning(s); enter what you think is the correct spelling and it'll offer the closest it's got (although the Spell checker on your PC's probably easier).  And you can enter wildcard letters too - great for crosswords fanatics!  Oh, and it links to a thesaurus, too.


... and finally

The Dilbert Zone

Hmm. On the face of it, not so useful. But how many of us know a pointy-haired manager, or reckon that Dilbert must work in OUR company? Anyway, laughter's good for you!

The Cartoon Bank

What else can we say. This is a big collection of cartoons, mostly with a business theme.  Some are free to download, most are copyright protected but can be purchased on line.

Success or Despair?

It seems every office has inspirational posters on the wall these days - the ones with a dramatic photo and a pithy caption about Teamwork, Attitude, Effort and all that.  If you want to see what's available, visit the Successories web site: they're the company that leads this growing market.  On the other hand, if you're fed-up with this visible sign of all that's corny about management-speak, then you might enjoy a visit to Demotivators by Despair, Inc, where you can buy similar images, but with such themes as Apathy, Futility, Humiliation and Despair.  Maybe it's time to hit back with your own inspirational message on the wall!


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